Get Your Online Store up and Running With WooCommerce


If you’re thinking about setting up an eCommerce platform to sell your products or services online, the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is a great option. It is one of the most popular and well-respected eCommerce platforms available and currently powers almost 30% of stores online. With all the core shopping functionality built in, you can have your store up and running in a short space of time and without the high cost of building a bespoke platform from scratch.

WooCommerce Has Many Other Attractive Features…

Since the initial release in 2011, WooCommerce has evolved to have lots of great benefits including:

  • No Licence Fees – The core WooCommerce WordPress plugin is completely free to use and includes the majority of the features that you will need to build your store, such as calculating postage and tax and accepting payments via PayPal. It even includes things like accepting discount codes. This makes it a really cost effective way to get started. If you want to add other features, such as accepting other forms of payment, this may have an additional charge depending on your requirements.  
  • Customisable – The core plugin comes with lots of customisable features that you can tweak to fit with the look and feel of your site and brand. You also customise different elements of the user flow through the order process. As the platform is fully open source, you can even edit the underlying source code to make more radical changes and customisations.
  • Extendable – The core functionality of WooCommerce is excellent, but one of the things that really distinguishes it from the competition is the extensions store, which allows you to add other features to the platform. This includes everything from simple enhancements to the core platform, through to accepting different forms of payment, shipping rules, tiered pricing and marketing add-ons. It is also possible to link WooCommerce with a host of other external services, like Facebook and Zapier, which allows you to automate different parts of the order flow.
  • Supported – WooCommerce is a stable platform supported by a team of professionals. This means that there are people constantly working to make the platform better and faster. There is extensive documentation detailing all aspects of the platform with a large online community. AsOne also offers full support to our customers so you are never alone.

These features make it the perfect eCommerce solutions for conducting your business online.

Professional configuration and customisation

Although one of the great things about WooCommerce is that it is simple to install and setup, getting the most from the platform requires a greater level of technical expertise and industry experience.

At AsOne, we have built up extensive knowledge, through implementing and running WooCommerce for a number of online brands. Partnering with AsOne not only gives you the confidence that the platform is properly configured and stable but also allows you to make specific customisations to ensure it fits with your website, brand and overall business development strategy.

If you’re interested in building an online store and want professional, expert advice on whether WooCommerce is the right platform for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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