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What is a landing page? Typically a landing page is seen as a specially designed page that captures a visitor in a predefined process that matches their search or interaction with paid advertising. It’s common for a landing page to be distinct from your main website, designed for a single focused objective. While those types of landing page are extremely valid and useful the way a user interact with websites is changing rapidly.

Here at AsOne we treat every page of your site as a potential landing page since any page could be the entry point and your one chance at a client conversion. Planning for that initial interaction and crafting clear paths for the user journey is important. Measuring that activity and making continuous improvements, however, is vital.

Instead of limiting your customers options on a landing page, as many will recommend, it is better to focus your visitors attention and guide them to their next step. Why isn’t this more prevalent? Because it is far more difficult and relies on continuous research, measurement and improvement.

If success was easy you would have more competition!

Landing pages should be broken down into three distinct categories: Click Through, Inbound Marketing and Content

Click through landing pages are designed to capture pre-planned traffic. This may be from paid advertising, remarketing traffic, social media links or highly optimised search traffic. These pages will lead the user to take a specific recommended path through your site.

Inbound marketing pages are designed to capture data often by offering something in return such as a white paper, competition, special offer, free trial or other reason for a user to offer their information. The user path is relatively short with inbound landing pages since it is the marketing that takes over after you have gained the user data.

Content landing pages are the deeper more optimised pages of your website. Rather than being a distinct design, content landing pages are really a way of planning content. Your content landing pages combine elements of the other two types of landing page and have more complex click through options for the user. Over time, with detailed reporting and measurement, your content landing pages will be subdivided into optimised click through pages or inbound landing pages while new generic content landing pages will be created in their place.

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