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The Magento eCommerce platform is popular because it is extraordinarily extendable, immensely powerful and extremely scalable. We recommend the Magento eCommerce platform for large business with complex integration requirements.

AsOne create Magento websites that are responsive and usable for your customers, however, since most Magento projects contain complex requirements and integrations the day to day management requires a more experienced team and ongoing support and optimisation of both the hosting environment and platform.

Magento websites can be extended, customised and integrated with payment gateways, logistics and warehouse partners as well as ERP and accounting systems.

AsOne has years of experience developing successful Magento projects for a wide range of clients. Our experienced Magento developers will build and customise Magento themes and Magento extensions creating custom functions as required.

With the proven expertise of our in-house developers, AsOne Strategists will guide you through the integration of your eCommerce processes, merchandising, multi-channel selling and communicating with your audience through digital marketing channels.

Magento is the perfect all-round solution for highly complex eCommerce requirements. However, less complex yet high demand stores may be more suited to the flexible OpenCart platform with its lower hosting costs and less demanding hardware requirements. Businesses with fewer internal resources and less complex requirements may benefit from the user-friendly WooCommerce platform.

We have the experience developing eCommerce solutions on multiple platforms, we work with our clients to establish a brief in order to determine the best solution. Call us to have your questions answered.

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