know your competition as well as your audience

Who are your competitors? What are their prices? What question or phrases do your customers search for online? How active are your competitors online?

Research determines your position in the market in relation to other businesses. It can raise awareness and pinpoint gaps in the market that we can seek to dominate and ultimately win more business. Research is the bedrock to building solid marketing campaigns as it plays a key role in decisions made within a business and not just its digital marketing.

Finding the right customers not lots of the wrong ones.

Perhaps you want to run a campaign that highlights your low cost service but research discovers that your potential customers buy based on quality or other factors. Your marketing campaigns highlighting a cheap price may be turning off potential buyers. Listening to the market will shown what you should be emphasising in your campaigns and in turn this leads to more successful campaigns that attract the right customers to your product not just more customers. None of this would be possible if you didn’t conduct research before starting the marketing campaign.


  • Market research enables you to outperform the competition.
  • Provides KPIs for business development & strategy.
  • Data collected has a direct implication in future operations.
  • Consumer understanding increased after market research.

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