know your traffic to build better campaigns

Google Analytics and other website and marketing analytic tools is where we can discover what users are doing when visiting your website, that information is powerful. AsOne dedicate time to analysis for every campaign to ensure that full use of that data is exploited to the guide website and marketing decisions going forward.

Never underestimate the value of Data!

Do you know how many people are coming to your website and what they are doing when they get there? Would you know which of your products or services pages are most visited and which ones attract visits but are not converting those visits? We analyse and interpret data to help drive your marketing. Using our knowledge and experience we work to establish where site visitors are coming from, how they are interacting with your content, how long they are spending on each page and what actions they are taking as they travel through your website. All of this information when understood and applied into strategy, is key to the success of your marketing.

We use the information we discover to help guide visits to make purchases or contact. The analysis helps us shape your marketing campaigns including paid marketing such as Google AdWords or eMail marketing campaigns. This constant testing and measuring combined with carefully planned actions results in an ever improving return on your marketing investment.


  • Provides insight into your consumer with detailed reporting.
  • Allows you to track key campaigns and understand ROI.
  • An estimated 50 million websites use Google Analytics (2016).
  • Provides strategy for business development.

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