illustrate and decorate, paint a thousand words

It is essential to have a strong, recognisable brand in order to market your business effectively and retain customers across multiple platforms. Your brand’s graphic style is often informed by your logo, followed by a strong and clear brand guideline that can be used across all media. This helps to set a voice and tone for your business and makes you instantly recognisable no matter where you are seen.

We use graphics to help brands retain their identity across all types of media. Videos, images, adverts, banners and photos should have a graphical element that ties into the high-level strategy and the brand across all platforms. This doesn’t mean simply putting your logo on everything, it’s about a recognisable style.

Your consumers should have no problem identifying that a particular piece of creative relates to your brand and this is achieved graphically. An amazing photo that creates a real connection is useless if the person seeing it doesn’t know it belongs to you.

While pictures and videos may tell a great story adding graphics to them can ensure that they tell the right story and that the consumer knows precisely the idea that you are trying to convey to them.


  • Graphics are liked & shared on social media 3x more than other content.
  • Graphics improve conversion rate.
  • Graphics improve engagement and reinforce brand value.

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