attract visits and build connections through trust

Content today, in the context of digital media, can take a variety of guises. At AsOne, we have refined our view to this simple concept; content is the touchpoint between you and your customers. Deliver the right content to the right people and it will connect people with your brand.

If you thought that social media and digital marketing has brought about massive changes to the way that content is produced but it hasn’t. The main change is the simply the method of delivery. Companies have always sought to provide customers and potential customers with interesting and informative content that provides value. Social media allows companies to provide persuasive and informative content in the same space as friends and family and allows a more informal connection than has been possible previously.

The content that we create takes four essential forms; Graphics (Illustration), Text (Copywriting), Still Images (Photography) and Moving Images (Video, Animation & Motion Graphics). These are the basic tools required to market to an audience digitally. A campaign might demand the creation of a downloadable guide or informative blogs posts, videos are a fantastic way to talk to people on a personal level and a picture can tell a story all of its own. We encourage and embrace the use of all of these methods to engage your audience and make meaningful and lasting connections with them.