Social media is where you can connect with your audience on a much more personal and direct level. You can talk to them about what interests them and use the platform to create deep connections that will last a lifetime.

Social media users usually pick one or two platforms upon which they spend most of their time. As a business owner, you need to identify the platforms to concentrate most relevant to your customer base, AsOne are here to help you choose what platforms to engage on and also guide you on the level of publishing and engagement you require to be effective. For some, that means being active on many platforms at the same time to reach your full audience.

We hold regular training seminars for our customers so that you can take on some of the workload if you wish, we also support your in-house teams with regular strategy and reporting to help make the most of your time.

People flock to social media to be social. They share stories, information, jokes, photos about their life, their interests and much more just as you would in any social setting. Our social media strategy uses the platforms as they are intended to be used by providing interesting stories, highlighting interesting information, sharing your brand personality or sharing the story of your company.

We fit our content to the platform, not the other way around. People don’t use social media to see adverts so we won’t show them an overt advert in their regular feed. We will share posts, graphics and video that creates a connection to your brand that leads to that person becoming an advocate. Adverts can make a single sale, strong connections on social media can bring you lifelong customers.