We are firm believers in the power of digital platforms. Their ability to offer targeting and delivery at scale is incredible however all of this comes at a price that is either time or money. The biggest and best networks will not let you access your audience for free. Paid marketing strategy has to be part of any digital marketing campaign and we help our clients to use their budget effectively across the right paid platforms to ensure success.

One of the huge benefits of paid digital platforms is that you can keep firm control over your budget, react instantly to marketing needs and monitor your spend in real time. This allows show exactly where money is being spent and what returns that is delivering.

Tired of percentage based PPC management stealing from your advert budget?

AsOne offer fixed price PPC management of your campaigns. Unlike most companies we do not take a percentage of your advertising budget when having a larger budget for the same campaign take no more of our time. We plan your campaign and quote a fixed price. As your campaign picks up momentum you may wish to increase your budget, that is the money you spend on clicks, to appear higher or longer. That increased budget goes directly into your advert visibility as we continue to manage your activity as before. The management fee is directly related to the number of ad groups and campaigns.