eMail won’t work if the eMail that you send is boring, impersonal, too sales oriented or poorly targeted. As with any marketing message if it doesn’t engage quickly it is destined to fail quickly.

AsOne will ensure that your eMail marketing is well targeted, designed and personalised so that it can succeed. Combine an initial engaging eMail interaction with automatic follow ups to further engage the customer and show you care and you are beginning to build a relationship.

Email marketing can be as simple as regular updates and reminders to keep your brand front-of-mind. They can be as complex as vehicles for inbound marketing with regular follow ups and customer care built in. AsOne can help you create engaging emails based on your blog content, social media activity or special offers and promotions. We analyse your recipients interactions with every campaign to inform you what elements most users are engaging with and what to concentrate on for greater return on investment. These insights help to shape not only your marketing but your business growth.