Why eMail marketing is important

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Email Marketing is an important tool for retaining your audience each month and keeping them up to date with your products, services, and company/industry news. As an online marketing Manchester specialist we believe that you should never forget just how important email marketing can be!

Retaining your audience

Retaining your audience is an important aspect of success, for any business no matter the size. Making sure that you are retaining your audience each month and that they keep coming back to your business is important and can be hard to do. Therefore, by sending your audience a monthly newsletter through email you are keeping them up to date with your business and retaining them.

Driving Traffic back to your website

Email marketing enables you to provide your audience with specific content that you can then include links within directing back to your website. This enables the content on your email to then be more direct and to the point. By providing a link within this content you are then able to link back to a post or page with further information on your website surrounding the topic you are speaking about.


By sending an email out once a month to your audience you are keeping your audience aware of what is going on within your company. This could be new products, special offers, and company or industry news. Therefore you are making sure that your audience know that you are still there and exist. Removing the chance of your company being forgotten about.

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