Understanding Marketing for Accountants

Many accountancy businesses are traditional firms that have long-standing relationships with a few key clients. New clients are often referred by word of mouth and therefore they have not historically invested a great deal in marketing initiatives.

Digital marketing is changing the landscape of how businesses operate and accountants are now looking to leverage these technologies to help improve their interactions with existing customers, whilst also expanding their customer base.

Marketing Channels

Like other industries, marketing for accountants includes a number of different techniques that can be used together as part of a joined-up strategy, such as:

  • Paid ads – Paying for advertising space online is a simple introduction to digital marketing for accountancy firms. Either by using ad networks, like Google AdWords, or paying for banner ads on places your customers are likely to congregate, this can be a very quick way to increase traffic to your site.Marketing for Accountants
  • Content marketing – If you want to share valuable information with your customers, content marketing for accountants is a great route to take. This could be in the form of blog posts, or longer more in-depth articles. This is also an excellent mechanism to demonstrate your expertise on the more technical aspects of accountancy, or to share your unique approach that separates you from your competitors.  
  • Search Engine Optimisation – By tailoring your content to optimise it for search engines like Google and Bing, your site will appear higher up the rankings and therefore attract more visitors to your site. This includes things like correctly naming images, completing descriptions for each of your pages and ensuring your site has an appropriate SSL certificate.
  • Social media – Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be great for sharing information and interacting with your customers more directly. This could include tips on anything from how to manage accounts more effectively or other business advice.
  • Email marketing – Keeping a list of email subscribers and sending our strategically timed emails can be a great approach for marketing accountancy services. You can send out prompts at relevant times of year, such as tax deadlines, and explain how you are well placed to help take this burden off your customers.
  • Third-party reviews – Embedding testimonials and third-party reviews on your site is a great way to turn your best customers into your extended sales team, helping to promote your services to other potential clients that land on your site. It is also a good way of getting real feedback that you can take on board to help improve your services.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all marketing plan, you should experiment with the components above to find which has the greatest impact for your business. Analytics and statistics can help you to track the performance of various initiatives.

Marketing for Accountants: Getting Started

At AsOne we offer complete end to end marketing solutions for accountancy firms and will devise and execute a strategy that is appropriate to your business aspirations and goals. We work with our clients over the long-term, getting to understand the traits that make their business unique and crafting marketing messages that emphasise these points.

For more information on marketing for accountants, or a more in-depth discussion about how AsOne could help your business to grow don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts.

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