Adding Ecommerce to a Growing Business

Business is not static, and business owners that cannot respond to the needs of their market and their audience are unlikely to sustain their successes. As long-term partners of ours, when BRSCC realised that their website would best serve their business by undergoing an ecommerce website development, we were incredibly happy to add the functionality to their existing WordPress site.

BRSCC, a car club by tradition, had a market which was receptive to making purchases of specialist equipment, and equipment approved by the car club was of higher value. Enabling ecommerce means that they can profit from the value that their reputation affords them. Additionally, they have been able to offer unbeatable exclusive membership discounts across their range of products.

The ecommerce shop is split into three categories to guide users to what they are searching for in the fewest possible number of clicks. It is clearly highlighted the amount that members save, and this has the dual benefit of both encouraging existing members to buy on the site and also enticing new users to become members before purchasing.

ecommerce website development

Our development did not only consist of adding an ecommerce shop though. The ongoing development also meant that we embedded a BRSCC TV channel, allowing the business to further align their website and their existing YouTube channel, as well as best demonstrate the pinnacles of their work – from live streams of events to product videos, the video channel means that users no longer have to leave the site to watch their content. By keeping them on the website, the business is able to better control messages that users see, and when, and gives the new ecommerce website development the best chance of returning the greatest profits.

ecommerce website development

If your business has grown since you started up, and you now want to talk about undergoing an ecommerce website development to your existing WordPress site, contact our team of experts today and we will be happy to talk you through the process.

ecommerce website development
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