Website Redesign Case Study

What is Website Design?

A structured, professional website design process empowers you to take a step back and think about the long-term aspirations for your business and your brand, ensuring that both are reflected in your digital shop front.

The process affords the time to explore different styles of the design, incorporating feedback from the client at every stage. This also helps to guarantee that the company’s core values and the tone of the brand carry through every element of the design.


Client Overview

David Law Jeweller is a leading bespoke jewellery designer and manufacturer based in London’s iconic Hatton Garden region. As a true master craftsman, David combines modern techniques with traditional methods to create exceptionally high quality, unique bespoke jewellery.

Website Design Goals

David originally approached AsOne after his website was hacked. Negative SEO was having a seriously damaging effect on the site, David’s brand and ultimately his business.

David understood the positive value a website could bring and his previous site failed to live up to his high standards. Working collaboratively with our designer, David enjoyed the experience of seeing his own creativity translated into his new website, in the knowledge he was fully supported by our experienced design and development team who would bring the new site and his ideas to life from scratch.

The primary goal of the project was to redevelop the website to better reflect the business, telling a story of the master craftsmanship at the heart of David’s bespoke jewellery, as opposed to selling an off the shelf product.


Following our professional design process, we crafted layouts of our proposed design for the new website. We made the required alterations to the designs following multiple ongoing conversations with David.

Once we had signed off the layouts, we built a skeleton site, giving a clearer picture of what the final site would look like. In parallel, we worked with David to finalise the content for each of the pages, including the necessary photographic elements that were an important part of the design.

On completion of the skeleton site we populated the designs with the new content and the site went live.

Website Design Results

This approach was very successful as evidenced by the following results:

The website now built and optimised properly. David Law now targets keywords that are applicable to his business and allows him to promote his unique value proposition. David Law offers his services across London which has seen a marked increase in visits from the city.

Organic search accounted for 30% of all traffic which allows David to showcase his offering in his own unique way. With the introduction of a strategy from AsOne which covered all areas of digital marketing we have also seen an increase in social traffic accounting for 17.24% overall.

David Law now has a website which is fit for purpose and highlights his key service offerings. In digital development, optimisation and improvements never stop and we will continue to work with David to ensure his business continues to grow. 

What this Could Mean for You

Building a website that truly reflects your brand’s personality and conveys the messages and tone that you want to get across to your customers can be a real challenge, but getting it right will have a significant impact on your business.

Following a structured web design process, that starts with taking the time to understand what those core values and messages are, before experimenting with different iterations of evolving designs will help you find the perfect site for your business.

For more information on how this could work for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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