Search Engine Optimisation Leads to 65 % Increase in New Users

What is SEO?

SEO has moved on from spamming content with keywords to a more sophisticated section of the marketing industry. An understanding of what a search engine requires and how this can be used to your advantage are essential for your online health.

The important factor to consider is that SEO is comprehensive online health and requires careful attention and proper planning. At AsOne we have dedicated account managers that will be a central figure in your SEO journey.

Things to consider about SEO marketing are User Intention, Keywords, Customer experience, content size, mobile optimisation and content marketing. All of the above are covered comprehensively by AsOne ensuring a fluid and profitable SEO marketing strategy.

Client Overview

Healthful Pets, which launched in August 2015, has been set up by Kay Johnson and Sue Wallwork – both animal owners and qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapists, with a special interest in a more natural approach to supporting the health of our pets. Healthful Pets is also supported by a fully qualified, experienced and practising Veterinary Surgeon and Homeopath.

SEO Goals

The main goals were split between improving usability for customers and improving organic rank share for the website. This would provide a larger influx of potential customers and improve the way they use the website resulting in a higher conversion rate and a more profitable business.

Method (how we did it)

We began our journey by conducting remedial work to address user experience maintaining a holistic approach while still encouraging a user to browse and add to basket with trust and confidence in the product and the company.

SEO Results

Below are the key stats produced from the campaign. We have seen growth in almost all areas including a 3.59% increase in organic conversion rates.

The increase in both new and returning customers highlights the changes made allow existing customers to show more effectively and the SEO elements incorporated are bringing new customers to the website. With a rise of 62% in organic search the products, categories and brand are ranking higher in search engines and providing a sustainable return on investment.

Users +63.25% New Users +65%  Sessions +75%
 Page Views +63%  Sessions per user +7.67%  Mobile Users +58%
 Direct Traffic +47%  Organic Search +62%  Desktop Users +26%
 Returning Visitors +99%  Organic Conversion rate +3.59%  Tablet Users +90%

What this Could Mean for You

AsOne have a proven history of creating highly successful SEO campaigns. We take time to understand your business and how this will implicate your strategy.

If you would like to replicate the above results contact us today for your bespoke SEO quotation.

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