Six Figure Improvement in PPC Conversions

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing continues to be a main driving force of online sales and service conversions. You may have seen PPC packaged as different things in different places such as PPC, Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Advertising however they all refer to the same entity.

PPC Marketing is where you pay for targeted ads to be placed on search engines, partner websites or across social media. This can include a variety of styles and can be optimised based on your customer base. The most common platform is Google AdWords which currently holds a dominant market share globally. However other platforms such as Bing still hold large portions of key demographics for some business.

Client Overview

The Rubbish Removers joined AsOne in July 2015. They have been established for over 15 years and specialise in domestic and commercial rubbish removal within a 45-mile radius of Greater Manchester. The Rubbish Removers are well respected within their industry.

PPC Marketing Goals

The goals established when AsOne optimised the Google AdWords account were clear. AsOne were to increase click-through rate, improve quality of ads, improve landing page experience and most importantly increase conversions through their contact form.


Upon investigation, we realised that the account was poorly optimised before The Rubbish Removers joined AsOne. There was limited coverage of the main services which offer our client key revenue. This resulted in a high spend per month on terms that did not convert well.

AsOne developed a strategy to isolate, build and optimise key campaigns surrounding profitable areas of the business which benefited from strong search traffic. This was then broken down by location and service type to ensure we could optimise key markets as a priority when needed. Due to the nature of the business, strategic analysis of the positioning in key regions is required to ensure we are at a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Consistently high-quality scores, once the rebuild was completed, allowed us to develop a landing page strategy which would also benefit their organic ranking. Each key phrase was partnered with a dedicated landing page with precise calls to action to ensure that we would achieve a higher quality score and in turn, reducing the cost per click. This is how we can deliver higher conversions for a lower budget.

PPC Marketing Results

Results from 3 Months with the 3 months prior

Period 1

Period 2  % Increase/Decrease
 Clicks  4,275  4,963  +16.09%
 Impressions  84,124  110,271  +31.08%
 Average CPC  £1.00 £0.92 -8.18%

When we compare a the campaign before optimisation, landing pages and improved quality we can see how the optimised and detailed campaigns have improved overall conversions despite a decrease in impressions. In this case a decrease in impressions is a good thing, our client is no longer wasting money on advertising to those who were less likely to convert into customers.

September Year 1  September Year 3  % Increase/Decrease
 Clicks  1,047 3,088  +194. 94%
 Impressions 148,383 68,575  -53.79%
 CTR  0.72% 4.50%  +527.72%
 Conversions  8 300 3,750%

What this Could Mean for You

Do you currently run a PPC marketing campaign? Could your account work more efficiently and achieve the KPI’s you have set as your goals. AsOne work closely with each client to understand their business model while planning a strategy to improve conversions. If you wish to grow your business and would like to know if we can match the excellent results we have achieved for our other clients, contact us today to start your journey towards a healthier marketing plan.