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What is SEO

“SEO” or search engine optimisation is the process of making your website appear higher on search engine result pages (SERP), most preferably the first page (SERP) by following tried and tested methods, approved by Google and Bing, which meet their terms.

The term “SEO” has been overused in the industry and used to be totally different. There used to be a method called “link building”, which some firms still use, even though Google have devalued this tactic and actively punish websites for having poor quality backlinks.

To sum up, search engine optimisation is having a good website, which answers the question that the visitor was searching for. Google’s latest updates changed their algorithm completely, making websites with poor links and poor content, less likely to be shown, with the overall aim being, clean, fast, accurate search results.

Google algorithm updates: Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird


This update targeted webspam and punished websites with low quality links. This has had a major impact on companies who offer “link building”. If you see a search engine optimisation company offering link building, think about it, why would so many websites just place links on their site to your website, just because some company asks them?

Ok so they will pay them, but think about how much you’re paying them, then how much profit they will get in the end, after paying all of these “top quality websites.” It should start to become more clear now; how can they make any profit to pay their staff?

Stay well away from any form of black hat techniques or anything that Google have stated will harm your organic search engine ranking.


The whole aim of Panda, was to punish websites with very little content, very poor quality content and duplicate content. If you’re asking why? Think about when you perform a search query; how many times do you click on a website and click straight back off because it wasn’t what you wanted to land on? Google are trying to fix this by punishing poor websites.


This update is a complete change in the algorithm, aiming to make search results more relevant to the search, giving websites with good, long-tail key terms, a better chance of ranking, as they will be generally more relevant to the user’s search.

Why do I need SEO

Web Design ManchesterYou don’t need “SEO”, you need a good website, great advice, the right attitude and to market your website well digtally.

Your aim is not to get to number 1 on Google. If it is, you may well be disappointed. Google state, on their own website “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on google” – Make sure that you fully understand that statement as it has come from Google’s own website.

If, let’s say, you found a company for “SEO Manchester”, and they tell you that they will get you to number 1 on Google, leave. They may well do that, and quickly, but imagine if your website disappears from Google completely. This has happened, and will happen to any websites using black hat techniques.

If Google say it’s not possible, then an SEO company in Manchester can’t guarantee that they can do it.

There’s nothing wrong with a company saying, we can increase your ranking, many companies can, we can. We have proven it in the past, but we’ll never give you false hope. If your expectations are unrealistic, we will tell you, and manage your expectations.

Why do I need digital marketing

If you build it, they will come! No they won’t! They will never find you.Digital Marketing Manchester

What is more important? Having a nice looking website built by a world class web designer, having a well working website programmed by the best web developer around, or having a well marketed website done by a well experienced digital marketing team?

They are all equally as important as each other. Without marketing, how will they find you? Without nice design, why would they stay? Without a working website, they won’t be able to convert.

We have produced some excellent websites from our well established design studio in Hyde, not too far away from Manchester. You can see a selection of our award winning websites by checking out our portfolio.

SEO Manchester scams

Look out for link building strategies, keyword stuffing, any black hat tactics, and anything that sounds too good to be true.

Do your research on the company beforehand. Do they have social network accounts, which are active, giving decent information and engaging with their existing and potential customers?

Using social media or SMO as it’s sometimes called, is a great way to market your product, and is seen as a vital part of any online marketing strategy, especially using the ever expanding Google Plus.

If you use Google to search ‘SEO Manchester’, there will be a lot of companies who offer different sorts of services. Some of these services will be totally worth the money they offer, however, some will be scams, you need to make sure that you’re using a reputable company.

AsOne Design has been running for over 13 years and we have a huge list of previous and current customers from all over the country. Being based just outside of Manchester, with a nice, friendly team, who you can relate to, we’re sure you’ll be happy with our services. Take a look at our promotional video:

Innovation Club

Innovation Club SEO ManchesterInnovation Club is the name of our version of SEO. We report on your website and online activity every month and give you the advice that you need to help your website to rank better by tried and tested methods, which all adhere to Google’s terms and conditions, with no black hat tactics, such as link building and keyword stuffing.

Being a digital marketing company based just outside of Manchester, offering our version of SEO and web design, we provide you with hassle free visits as we are on a quiet road with free parking just outside of our door, very little traffic and a nicely decorated office.

Our team is passionate about keeping up to date with technology, trends and marketing opportunities. At AsOne we know the strengths of your options and always design campaigns around what will work for you. We do not provide solutions for solutions sake or because they are ‘on-trend’. It’s all about your success. Our job is to understand what mechanism will provide you with the greatest return and deliver information in an efficient, useful and profitable way.

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