Retaining Your Audience

Retaining your audience

Retaining your audience is an important aspect of success, for any business no matter the size. Making sure that you are retaining your audience each month and that they keep coming back to your business is important and can be hard to do. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are reaching your existing audience through Read more…

23rd March in Blog
WordPress Seminar - AsOne Design

Success of our Seminar!

Have you ever attended one of our Innovation Club seminars? Our seminars vary on topics but try to provide you with the basic knowledge needed and also the more advanced knowledge, needed to have a successful marketing strategy for the web. On Thursday 12th March we held a seminar on Introducing you to Blogging on Read more…

16th March in Innovation Club
Search Engine Optimisation Manchester - AsOne Design

Why is Search Engine Optimisation crucial?

Search Engine Optimisation is an important aspect for any business wanting to reach a wider audience online and grow your brand awareness. It does not matter whether you have just received a new website or you have an existing one, as long as you are willing to do the work needed now.  Search Engine Optimisation is an Read more…

9th March in Blog
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Email server issue 27th Feb 2015

Unfortunately today we are experiencing an issue with our email server, affecting how long it is taking for emails to arrive. If you host your emails with us and today have noticed your emails are coming through slowly or even not at all, don’t worry you’re not on your own and we are working to Read more…

27th February in Net Seraph
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Server Maintenance 25th – 27th Feb 2015

This week our server hosts will be carrying out annual maintenance on the Uninterruptible Power Supplies to check for any loose connections, signs of overheating as well as checks on the batteries that will be inspected for signs of fault or distress. The work will begin on the 25th of February 2015, from 08:00 till Read more…

23rd February in Net Seraph
Core CNC - AsOne Design

Core CNC has gone live!

We have recently created a new website for Core CNC on WordPress. Core CNC contacted us last year about us creating a new website for them as well as helping them to brand their company. We created a new website for Core CNC on WordPress which features a blog, and also helped them to design a Read more…

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Haunted Revelations Square

Anyone for Ghost Hunting?

Friday the 13th at thirteen minutes past one in the afternoon (Friday 13,13:13 – get it?), what a perfect time for a new Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting Experiences companies website to go live don’t you think? The new site features ghost hunting event listings, Haunted locations, online booking and an eCommerce solution built right into the Read more…

13th February in Latest Work
Dragons Den - AsOne Design

Delighted to be called a ‘Dragon’

Years ago there used to be a TV sitcom called ‘George and the Dragon’. It was about a meek husband (George) who was constantly dominated by his overbearing wife (the Dragon). Thankfully, I don’t find myself which such comparisons! Today’s hugely successful TV series ‘Dragons Den’ casts dragons in a totally different light and when Read more…

11th February in Blog
SEO Manchester - AsOne Design

How can Online Marketing benefit your business?

Are you using Online marketing effectively for your business? Have you considered everything that you can do to make sure that you are reaching a wider audience and growing your online presence? Online Marketing is an important aspect of any companies success. Don’t limit your companies chance of growth and development, make sure that you are getting Read more…

9th February in Blog
The Co-operative Credit Union

Co-operative Credit Union’s App has gone live!

We have recently created a mobile app for the Co-operative Credit Union. It was announced today at the AGM that the Co-operative Credit Unions app has gone live. Being able to reach your audience on the move is important for reaching a wider audience and providing them with the audience that they need. Joining The Co-operative Credit Read more…

5th February in Blog
WordPress Seminar - AsOne Design

February Seminar: Knowing your Digital Marketing Report

Innovation Club digital marketing reports have undergone some significant improvements! We have been working on a new report system which will allow you to see statistics and information about your website, traffic activity and social profiles in greater detail. To help you to understand your report further and get the most from it to benefit your Read more…

2nd February in Blog
Grow Happy Childcare - AsOne Design

Grow Happy Childcare has re-branded and got a new website!

Did you know about Gorse Hall kids Club? Well now they are Grow Happy Childcare with a brand new website, logo and re-brand. Have you seen the new website that we created for them on WordPress? If you are thinking about getting a new website for your company but are unsure on the layout or Read more…

26th January in Blog

When using SEO what do I need to remember?

Always remember… SEO holds a very important role in your company’s growth so you need to take it very seriously. It can be easy with the help from AsOne but there’s a lot of work you need to do by yourself which is why we are here to help you. Let’s break it down: Keywords Read more…

19th January in Blog
Innovation Club - AsOne Design

When times are tough, what do you do?

Do you pull ‘down the shutters’ or look to spearhead new ways to engage with your customers? Over the past few years as the economy has tightened, I’ve noticed as I’ve spoken to so many business people across lots of different sectors, that reactions to today’s commercial climate tend to fall into three distinct camps. Read more…

12th January in Blog