Twitter Masterclass Feedback

Only ever give good feedback

Feedback is given for a reason, it can be good, bad, awful, amazing, on the fence, or a mix of everything; and every bit of feedback you get is good for you and for your company. If you were only ever to receive great feedback, you’d never change. What if the people who are giving Read more…

15th September in Innovation Club
AsOne Digital Collaboration in Tameside

Strength in Numbers

I believe that Tameside creatives should collaborate … not just compete. Last week, Joel and myself were invited to attend ‘Creative Manchester’, one of a number of nationwide events organised by the Creative Industries Council (CIC) as part of a move to help UK Creative Industries to stamp their presence on the British business map.  Read more…

10th September in We Are AsOne
AsOne Design

And the winner is….. You!

Awards; what’s the point? Industry awards? What is the point of them? Do they really produce any tangible benefits for the companies that enter them? Or are they just a great big ego trip for the boss? I’ll tell you what I used to think – that they were all a big waste of time, Read more…

5th September in We Are AsOne
Twitter logo - Testimonial

Gary Manners “can already see the benefits” of the AsOne Twitter Seminar

Following on from our Twitter Masterclass in August, we have received some excellent feedback from the attendees, which we’re very proud of! One of our directors, Tracey Rush, attends a weekly networking meeting called BNI Athena, during which, she received this excellent written testimonial from Gary Manners, who is a personal travel counsellor. Gary went Read more…

4th September in Testimonials
.exe Net Seraph

.exe files, be weary of opening downloaded files

The vast majority of internet users like to browse around, looking for interesting articles, buying things, downloading images, watching films, playing games or the other thing that the internet is used for. But are you really savvy enough not to be caught by a rogue website with a virus on it? .exe files will start a Read more…

1st September in Net Seraph
Twitter Masterclass

Twitter Masterclass Seminar Success

AsOne Design hold monthly seminars for their Innovation Club members on different topics, which can help a business to gain more online visibility, leading to increased visits, a higher search engine ranking position and the ultimate goal of more enquiries. The most recent seminar was a Twitter Masterclass, which covered all of the basic functions Read more…

28th August in Innovation Club
Search Engine Optimisation Manchester

Search Engine Optimisation

It’s that time of the week again, Monday morning. Have you had your brew yet? Whether you have or haven’t, here’s some reading material for the next few minutes which might help you with the search engine optimisation for your website. Sitemap Who doesn’t have a sitemap these days? If you don’t, sort it out and Read more…

25th August in Innovation Club
The Rug Retailer on Social Media

Case Study: The Rug Retailer on Social Media

Between Martin and Chris from The Rug Retailer, a plan was devised on how best to use social media to increase awareness of The Rug Retailer. One of the ideas was to do monthly competitions to get people sharing his page with very little effort and for a lot less than paying for adverts. Since Read more…

21st August in Latest Work
my box

My Box goes live!

We have recently created a new website for My Box and now it’s live! My Box offers a service designed for smaller businesses and people who want a good quality product but don’t require huge quantities. Offering the customers the opportunity to get everything that they want online means that they can do it quick Read more…

20th August in Blog
SEO Manchester

A few SEO tips to start the week

It’s always good to come into work on a Monday. Isn’t it? Some people don’t enjoy it, I wonder why? Whatever your opinion of Monday’s are, if you’re a business owner or in charge of marketing, getting some SEO tips on a Monday might be a good start to the week, so here are 5 Read more…

18th August in Innovation Club
The Rug Retailer logo

The Rug Retailer gets a re-design!

The Rug Retailer has has a re-design! Chris came to us and wanted small but effective changes being made to his website. A clean and modern design was seen to be the be one of the best ways in which content could be shown in a visual way. Making the site mobile friendly was the Read more…

12th August in Blog