Higgins Miller

Higgins Miller have upgraded!

Higgins Miller have been a loyal customer of ours since the company first started. We have worked with them over the past four years to bring them up relevant information to help them to reach a wider audience and become better known. With technology and designs changing and Higgins Miller wanting to stay on top of this, we Read more…

24th October in Latest Work
ARC Electric

ARC Electric goes Live!

We have recently created a new website for ARC Electric and now it’s live! ARC Electric are a full service electrical contractor dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. The new website that we have created forARC Electric is mobile responsive. Therefore, ARC Electric can now reach people on the move effectively. Having a mobile responsive website makes you look Read more…

21st October in Blog
Digital Marketing Manchester

Digital Marketing Manchester

What is digital marketing? In 2014, this could be anything from having a good website, to using Pinterest; how well it works is down to you and your digital marketing department or the company you pay to do it for you. Digital Marketing Terms SEO – Search engine optimisation SERP – Search engine ranking position Read more…

20th October in Innovation Club
Facebook Logo

I post too much on Facebook!

Do you ever find yourself wondering whether you post too much on Facebook? Just think about the amount of people who like your page, then, how many other pages they like, and how many friends they have, and how often they’re actually sat there staring at their Facebook news feed. Now, it should seem like Read more…

13th October in Innovation Club
Kathryn L Wilkinson Testimonial

Kathryn L Wilkinson Testimonial

Every Tuesday, Tracey joins a group of business networkers at Oaklands Hall in Hyde for their weekly BNI Athena meeting, where the members contribute business referrals, testimonials and bring visitors, with the aim of increasing business for their own company along with all increasing business for the other members, which is the whole point of BNI. Read more…

8th October in Testimonials
Disavow Links

How to disavow links to your website

Remember back in the 90s, when SEO just meant loads of links, and some people think that still is the case now, but trust us, it’s not. We often get calls from “link building” companies, who get a good few facts thrown back at them, with proof of how link building tactics are generally against Read more…

6th October in Innovation Club
John and Martin at Bowling

AsOne Go Bowling

At AsOne, we often like to do things as a team, so this weekend, some of the current team and some of the past team members all met up at Hollywood Bowl in Ashton, to have a few games of bowling and then off for some food at Chiquitos. The meet-up was all to say Read more…

29th September in We Are AsOne
Ninja Turtle 4

Don’t get Shellshocked! BASH that vulnerability!

You may have heard over the past 24 hours about a pretty serious bug concerning users of Mac OSX and Linux. The vulnerability affects the Bash shell, the command line interpreter, and can give an attacker complete control of a system. AsOne’s servers have been patched today against this to protect your sites and data. Read more…

26th September in Blog
AsOne Design's Blogging Seminar

Blogging… How and why…?

Yesterday, Martin and Lauren hosted AsOne’s latest seminar, which was on how to use blogging to help increase your search engine ranking positions, through tried and tested methods, primarily focussing on generating quality and frequent content, along with other SEO tips. Who came? We were grateful to have such an involved group of attendees yesterday, Read more…

in Innovation Club
Innovation Club

Using Trigger Events to create content

What is a trigger event? A trigger event is something that happens within your company, or industry, or even life that makes something else happen. You might be thinking “like what?”. Well; for example, in a garden centre. It’s quite likely that there will be a sale on plants that are near the end of Read more…

22nd September in Innovation Club
Twitter Masterclass Feedback

Only ever give good feedback

Feedback is given for a reason, it can be good, bad, awful, amazing, on the fence, or a mix of everything; and every bit of feedback you get is good for you and for your company. If you were only ever to receive great feedback, you’d never change. What if the people who are giving Read more…

15th September in Innovation Club
AsOne Digital Collaboration in Tameside

Strength in Numbers

I believe that Tameside creatives should collaborate … not just compete. Last week, Joel and myself were invited to attend ‘Creative Manchester’, one of a number of nationwide events organised by the Creative Industries Council (CIC) as part of a move to help UK Creative Industries to stamp their presence on the British business map.  Read more…

10th September in We Are AsOne