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Grow Happy Childcare has re-branded and got a new website!

Did you know about Gorse Hall kids Club? Well now they are Grow Happy Childcare with a brand new website, logo and re-brand. Have you seen the new website that we created for them on WordPress? If you are thinking about getting a new website for your company but are unsure on the layout or Read more…

26th January in Blog

When using SEO what do I need to remember?

Always remember… SEO holds a very important role in your company’s growth so you need to take it very seriously. It can be easy with the help from AsOne but there’s a lot of work you need to do by yourself which is why we are here to help you. Let’s break it down: Keywords Read more…

19th January in Blog
Innovation Club - AsOne Design

When times are tough, what do you do?

Do you pull ‘down the shutters’ or look to spearhead new ways to engage with your customers? Over the past few years as the economy has tightened, I’ve noticed as I’ve spoken to so many business people across lots of different sectors, that reactions to today’s commercial climate tend to fall into three distinct camps. Read more…

12th January in Blog

Digital Marketing, what is it and why should we use it?

Digital marketing is a really important part of any company who own a website or blog. There are many parts to general marketing but digital marketing is the most important as it will change how large your audience is very quickly is done the right way. ‘Digital marketing’ isn’t just the use of advertisements down Read more…

5th January in Blog
Blog post entry

Royalty-Free Images: What, How and Why?

If you are a web designer, blogger or business person with access to the internet you will probably have heard the term “Royalty-Free” at some point. So what does it mean? Royalty-Free means that once you pay a licence fee the media may be used as many times as you want without paying additional fees. Read more…

29th December in Blog

Why is online marketing so important for your digital business?

Online marketing is one of the main parts of your company’s expansion because if you don’t reach out to your audience you aren’t going to progress very well. There are many types of Online Marketing from email marketing to online display ads to PPC, but what do these mean and how will they benefit your Read more…

15th December in Blog

JJ Training have gone live!

The JJ Training website has gone live and is now on WordPress. This is a whole new site and the team at JJ Training are very impressed with their upgrade. They have just joined the AsOne Innovation club Who are JJ Training? JJ Training (UK) is a leader in providing value-added training services and have spent Read more…

11th December in Blog
web design - AsOne Design

Three web design basics for beginners

There are hundreds of choices and lots of surprises when it comes to web design, some more suitable than others. However this all comes from experience which takes many years to gain. However, there are some important basics you should follow to bring in a wider audience and make the look and feel of your Read more…

1st December in Blog
Digital & Creative Network

Digital & Creative Network is on the launch pad …

In my last blog post I was talking about my vision for a network of collaboration and connectivity between locally based businesses and individuals within the digital media and creative sector. Well I’m delighted to report that the Digital & Creative Network is now poised for lift off. What’s more, I am totally confident that Read more…

26th November in Events
How AsOne formatting is effective

Why content formatting is important in web design

Why is formatting an important part of web design? When visiting Google where do you look? Do your eyes go directly to the lowest part of the page or the highest point of the page? The image below shows a heat map of google with red being the main point of the page content people Read more…

24th November in Blog
Spam Email

Spam emails and posted leaflets

We all receive spam of some sort, whether it’s through our door in the form of take-away menus, or “To the homeowner” letters from any company, especially from utility providers trying to get you to move over to their epic deal. Whichever format you receive spam mail, it is quite annoying, and do people really Read more…

10th November in Net Seraph
Rug Retailer Web Design

Manchester Web Design

The big buzz these days in the Manchester digital industry tends to be around digital marketing, however, without a top class website, your chances of marketing your product or service are limited, and even if you do a good job, you’re going to want to send your potential customers to your website and from there Read more…

3rd November in Innovation Club
Google AdWords PPC

Pay per click (PPC) advertising

Maybe you’ve heard of PPC advertising, maybe not; either way you will have seen it every time you search on Google or any other search engine. Here at AsOne Design we manage Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for business of all sizes, whether they are image ads, remarking adverts or just standard text campaigns. Why use PPC? Read more…

27th October in Innovation Club