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Practicing what I preach

If you’ve been reading the blogs that I regularly write and publish you’ll have realised that I am a great advocate of industry awards and I frequently encourage businesses to enter for them. My view is that they’re not just ‘ego-boosters’ for the bosses with a promise of a black tie dinner to look forward Read more…

19th May in Blog
Social Media Facebook

Are social media accounts necessary for your business?

Now we all know that one of the most important aspects of business is how exposed you are to the public, we also know that it can sometimes be difficult to increase your exposure through contemporary methods. The introduction of social media has made increasing your company’s exposure infinitely easier, especially for new or smaller Read more…

12th May in Blog
Paid Advertising

What can Pay Per Click Advertising do for you?

Are you looking to increase your company’s exposure? Have you heard about Pay Per Click advertising? PPC is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic onto your website. Other exposure campaigns can take months to become effective and efficient, PPC on the other hand brings results immediately, bringing a reliable source of potential customers. Read more…

4th May in Blog
Octaplex Mobile App

Octapharma UK’s Mobile App has just gone live!

We have recently developed a mobile app for iOS and Android devices for Octapharma UK. The app is called Octaplex and is a dosing app for health care professionals administering Octaplex. Being able to reach your audience on every platform possible is important in being able to build and sustain a strong audience whilst reaching more Read more…

27th April in Blog
Social Networking Seminar - AsOne Design

Social Networking and Planning Seminar!

Social Networking is an easy and effective way of reaching your audience directly. Through varying social networking channels you are able to build your audience and target them through specific content. A lot of companies struggle to find time within there busy day to post content onto their social networking sites with everything else they have going Read more…

20th April in Innovation Club
Apprentice Star

Our very own shining Star

A huge congratulations to Lauren for winning the Star Award from The Apprenticeship Academy. Lauren has proved a valuable addition to our team since she joined us last July and has developed into a very capable, competent marketing assistant, helping us support our  Innovation Club customers providing essential help, guidance and recommendations as her knowledge and Read more…

17th April in Blog
Paid Advertising

Have you ever considered Paid Advertising?

Are you struggling to reach your audience directly and drive them to your website? Have you ever considered paid advertising for your business? If you have never heard of Paid Advertising, you will have seen it and probably never noticed. When you search for a keyword/phrase in Google, looking for a service that you require paid ads Read more…

13th April in Blog
Blogging Success

Guide Bridge MOT Blogging Success!

Some people struggle with blogging as they never know what to talk about or how to reach their audience through the blog post. But that is not the case for Guide Bridge MOT anymore! As an Innovation Club member since 2013 Guide Bridge have always wanted to know how they can improve and reach a wider Read more…

6th April in Blog
Retaining Your Audience

Retaining your audience

Retaining your audience is an important aspect of success, for any business no matter the size. Making sure that you are retaining your audience each month and that they keep coming back to your business is important and can be hard to do. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are reaching your existing audience through Read more…

23rd March in Blog
Social Networking Seminar - AsOne Design

Success of our Seminar!

Have you ever attended one of our Innovation Club seminars? Our seminars vary on topics but try to provide you with the basic knowledge needed and also the more advanced knowledge, needed to have a successful marketing strategy for the web. On Thursday 12th March we held a seminar on Introducing you to Blogging on Read more…

16th March in Innovation Club
Search Engine Optimisation

Why is Search Engine Optimisation crucial?

Search Engine Optimisation is an important aspect for any business wanting to reach a wider audience online and grow your brand awareness. It does not matter whether you have just received a new website or you have an existing one, as long as you are willing to do the work needed now.  Search Engine Optimisation is an Read more…

9th March in Blog
Blog post entry

Email server issue 27th Feb 2015

Unfortunately today we are experiencing an issue with our email server, affecting how long it is taking for emails to arrive. If you host your emails with us and today have noticed your emails are coming through slowly or even not at all, don’t worry you’re not on your own and we are working to Read more…

27th February in Net Seraph